Organize your thoughts, keep track of your goals


Journaling with Apple Pencil, support text and image and over 1000 stickers


Organized by Day, Week, Month, Year or Projects, with Paging


Connect Journal/Planner with Chosen Calendars


Connect Journal/Planner with Chosen Reminders


Over 100 pre-Designed Templates and Fully Customizable


Template Elements Fully Customizable as well


Real Time Goal Tracking with ATracker Elements


AJournal on iPhone as well. Data can be synced via iCloud.


Supports Handwriting, Text & Images

  • Write/draw with Apple Pencil or finger with zooming support
  • Text input with Scribble or keyboard, with complete formatting support like fonts, colors, etc
  • Add images and resize, rotate or flip
  • Choose among over 1000 stickers to make your journal/planner more memorable and personal
  • Digital Calendars

  • Connect calendar of your choice so all events will show up in daily/weekly planners
  • Create / edit calendar entries directly in the AJournal app
  • Write/Scribble/Type alongside the events from the digital calendars
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    Stay Organized

  • Navigate effortlessly through journals/planners by dates, weeks, months and projects
  • Search function for inputted texts makes it easier to find a journal/planner
  • Page navigation

  • Navigate from the monthly page to the weekly page and daily page
  • Navigate from the weekly page to the daily page
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    Sync data across iOS devices via iCloud (active subscription required)

  • The AJournal app on iPhone has all functions on iPad with several additional features to help the users work with the small screen size
  • Over 100 Templates to Choose from & Full Customization

  • Over 100 templates with minimalist design and cover every need: daily/weekly/monthly planners, project planners, budget planners, meal/fitness/habit trackers, ATracker, etc
  • The templates are also fully customizable, simply add/remove/rearrange/configure elements and set colors/headers
  • Personalize a page with your writing/drawing and save it as a template
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    Template Elements Fully Customizable

  • Elements, the building blocks of templates, e.g. To-Do List, Calendar, Habit Tracker, etc, are also fully customizable
  • Integration with ATracker (Optional)

  • With over 2 millions downloads, ATracker is a time tracking tool trusted by users worldwide.
  • Combined with task/goal tracking in ATracker, you can follow up your progress in AJournal in real time.
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can I use AJournal without Apple Pencil?

    Although it is highly recommended to use Apple Pencil, you can use AJournal with any compatible pencil or even finger. Please enable the "Finger drawing" in settings.

    Can I search text?

    Yes! All text entered by Scribble or keyboard are searchable. Just tap the "Overview" button in the top right menu to open "Page Overview" and perform the search. At the moment, text in drawings are not searchable. We plan to add the OCR feature in later release.

    How many user templates can I create?

    You can create unlimited amount of user templates, even in free version.

    Can I print or export journals/planners to PDF?

    Yes, you can export journals/planners to PDFs or print them directly. When exporting/printing, you can select pages by date range or project.

    How AJournal guarantees user privacy

    AJournal does not collect any user data and does not store any user data on our server.

    For user guides and questions, please check our   Support Portal




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    • Unlimited pages per day / project

    • iCloud sync

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